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Benefits of day care



Dogs, especially young puppies, need a lot of exercise to thrive - often more than we can give them on a daily basis especially when we are tied up with work and family commitments. Exercise is vital to build up a healthy immune system and body, as well as to learn appropriate interactions and get used to new surroundings.

Our day care can provide your dog with the exercise they need throughout the day when your schedule does not allow you to do so.

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Interacting and socializing with other well-behaved dogs of similar size and personality can be beneficial to your dog’s social development.

This can lead to more confident interactions with other pets and people outside of the daycare environment. It is not unusual for day care dogs to exhibit more stable, well-adjusted personalities than they had prior to regularly attending a day care facility



Our dog day care provides productive ways for your dog to engage their brain cells. To ensure this we offer agility equipment, toys, structured activities and continual canine interaction to keep your furry friend intellectually engaged.

Staff members are continually on site to make sure your pet is safely enjoying the play areas and their playgroups. The scents, games, and interaction with others can really help exercise your pet’s brain.

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Loneliness tends to be a major concern for many owner that leave their dogs at home during the day. Again, dogs are inherently social creatures. Loneliness can affect them in the same way it affects humans; it can lead to depression.

A depressed dog has a lack of energy, becoming withdrawn and inactive, and can even have a loss in appetite and will sleep more than usual. Depression in dogs is very similar to humans. By attending a doggy daycare, your dog can make friends that they can come back to see and play with on a regular basis, allowing them to create social bonds.

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Energy Release

By enrolling in a day care, you can ensure your four-legged friend is able to release energy in a positive way throughout the day without being destructive.

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Like humans, dogs do better with structure to their lives. Dogs are creatures of habit and having a routine allows them to satisfy that habitual need. A daily routine of walks, playtime, and interactions gives them something to look forward to and makes them feel safe.

Dogs feel more secure when they have a sense of predictability to their day. A quick word of caution: not all dogs can handle going to daycare every day. They can get tired, stressed, and cranky. Dogs like this would do well going to daycare only a few times a week, but still on a schedule.

Day Care Schedule

Daily Activity Schedule

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