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Meet the team

Only people who are deeply passionate about dogs and who share our values can join our team.

We believe this is one of the key things that underpins the phenomenal quality of care that we are famous for. We believe that a happy team equals happy dogs. So, we work hard to create an incredible working environment and culture that nurtures excellence.

The Barking Lot was founded by Janine Erasmus who is a qualified instructor and behavourist. The Barking Lot is now privately owned and keeps growing to create a fun, safe and thriving environment for all doggos!



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Carer & Chauffur


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The Barking Lot Dog Day Care recognizes that your dog isn’t simply a pet but is considered as being an integral part of your family. We therefore strive to provide a healthy and safe recreational environment for your dog which meets both their physical and emotional needs.

We care about dogs; their safety, health and general well-being are our highest priority. We care about our dogs’ people; we strive to provide superior customer service with each and every interaction. We care about our team; we aim to make our work environment purposeful, meaningful, supportive and rewarding.

We are flexible with dogs; our canine friends are living beings with changing needs that can sometimes be unpredictable. We are flexible with our customers; their convenience, requests and concerns are always considered. We are flexible with our team; scheduling needs are accommodated whenever possible and the team interacts to support each other’s needs as such.

We are appreciative of our patrons; we know that being entrusted with the care of four-legged family members is serious business, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do so.

We make every effort to improve and grow daily, continually learning and applying best practices from the constant interactions with the dogs. We aim to send home a dog improved in both temperament and behavior at the end of each visit. We expect our team to work harder every day, being receptive to new ideas.

We see the best in every situation. We look at challenges as opportunities and we are for sure PAWSITIVE people.


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