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About The Barking Lot Dog Day Care

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The Barking Lot is owned and founded by Janine Erasmus. Janine is an accredited behaviourist and dog trainer. She is a practising member of the SABCAP (the South African Board of Companion Animal Professionals), The Pet Professional Guild and Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA.


Only people who are deeply passionate about dogs and who share our values can join our team. We believe this is one of the key things that underpins the phenomenal quality of care that we are famous for.

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Why Dog Day Care

Socialise - Exercise - Learn - Play

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Why Send Your Dog To DayCare
By enrolling Your Dog in a day care, you can ensure your fourlegged friend is able to release energy in a positive way throughout the day without being destructive.
Social Environment
We provide a positively managed social environment for your precious family member to enjoy during the day while you can't be there. With friendly, trained and experienced staff we provide personal human care and constant supervision, space to run and play with plenty of other awesome canine company... Toys, games and of course those quiet comfy spots for a bit of R+R.
Recommended Frequency Of Attendance
We recommend twice a week to reinforce the positive aspects of day care. Special requirements - Should your dog have special dietary needs or medical needs, we can ensure these will be met.

The Barking Lot Dog Day Care

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Do the dogs all play together?
All free play is directly supervised by our carers and we go to great lengths to ensure that play buddies are matched in terms of size, energy level and intensity. The smaller and more sedate dogs enjoy a “Chill Zone” where they can socialise at a calmer pace. We ensure that every single dog is always enjoying themselves and do not allow smaller/quieter dogs to get overwhelmed by larger/more active dogs.
Is this a boarding kennel?
No - it's more like a nursery school for dogs! Our goal is to stimulate and exercise your dog in a secure environment and not merely to keep him confined.
Are the dogs always supervised?
Yes – there is always one carer for every ten dogs, and this carer directly supervises the dogs at all times. There are always additional staff on the premises in case of emergency.
Can I visit Day Care for a tour?
Absolutely! You are more than welcome to come along and have a look – please call for an appointment.
Should I bring anything for my dog?
You are welcome to bring your dog’s lead, blanket and special toy. Please ensure that any toys are “chew safe” and please be aware that items sent to Day Care with your dog are at your own risk. We provide general toys, chew toys and play equipment. We also provide all bedding in the play areas as well as water and water bowls.
Are there any dogs that can’t join Day Care?
Unfortunately yes. Our reasons for these restrictions are for the greater safety and comfort of the other dogs and our carers. The following dogs will not be admitted to Day Care:

• Dogs who show aggression to people
• Dogs who are fighters
• Fence jumpers (our fences are 1.8m high)
• Dogs with medical problems as listed
• Bitches on heat

The following dogs will be admitted to Day Care on a trial basis:

• Chronic howlers or barkers (the stimulation of Day Care often solves this problem)
• Dogs who are sound sensitive or fearful of thunder (we can manage the problem by bringing the dog indoors as soon as a storm is imminent). However if our management measures do not alleviate the dog’s stress the dog would probably be happier and safer at home during storms.
What are the entry requirements?
All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Parvovirus, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Rabies, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis and Kennel Cough. Tick and flea control must be up to date – each dog is checked over at the beginning of the day and if they are found to have any ticks or fleas they will be treated with Frontline at the owner’s expense. Dogs must also be micro-chipped and wearing a quick-release collar at all times.
My dog has health problems, can he/she still come?
This depends on the health issues. We accept epileptic dogs pending individual assessment and severity of seizures. We cannot accept diabetic dogs or any other dogs that require daily injections. Dogs with skeletal problems (such as hip or elbow dysplasia or arthritis) will have to be assessed on an individual basis. Dogs with communicable diseases or parasites will not be accepted. We are usually able to accommodate dogs with minor and non- contagious health problems, but this would be determined on an individual basis
I am not sure if my dog will enjoy Day Care? Can I have a trial?
With the greatest of pleasure! If you would like to enlist in a trial day you are welcome to do so at a cost of R250/day.
It is very unlikely, but your dog may not like Day Care. We want your dog to be happy as much as you do, so if we feel they are not enjoying Day Care you will be the first to know.
Why is my dog tired when he/she comes home?
This is one of the great benefits of Day Care! Your dog gets to play all day so naturally they are tired at the end of the day. Often, when your take your dog home, they will curl up and go to sleep.
My dog doesn't like other dogs. Can he still join Day Care?
Yes! He does not have to interact with other dogs. We have a number of grassed areas where your dog will still be kept busy and entertained within his own garden with some quality one on one time with one of our carers.

The Barking Lot Dog Day Care